The 2016 Exchange visit to Ravenna

Sixteen members joined this year’s visit when we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our twinning. The Chairmen of both Associations and representatives of the two city councils emphasised the importance of twinning associations in fostering cultural understanding and mutual respect.

Highlights included

  • The unveiling of a mural designed by students to show aspects of Ravenna and Chichester.
  • A presentation of 3 videos made by students to explore the concept of twinning.
  • An evening at the Theatro d’Aligheri attended by over 300 people to mark our anniversary and the presentation to Ravenna of the European Council’s Plaque of Honour for its work in twinning.
  • An excellent concert given by the Orchestra di Giovanni, which followed the formal part of the evening event.
  • Tours of the city with visits to churches decorated with outstanding Byzantine mosaics; an exhibition of contemporary mosaics and leisurely strolls through delightful squares and streets.
  • The opportunity to sample Italian food and wine.
  • A visit to a Folklore Museum culminating in making the traditional dish of Emilia Romagna – Piadini –which formed the main course of our evening meal.
  • The very warm welcome and generous hospitality of our hosts.

    For the Italian speakers among us, here is a clip from a local newspaper in Ravenna reporting the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the twinning links.

Just a selection of pictures of some of the members and guests attending various events and activities during their recent visit to Ravenna.

Some of the faces you will easily recognise and others to which you cannot put a name, will however be familiar.
( Photos kindly provided by Astrid Davies)