The City of Chichester in West Sussex in the United Kingdom is twinned with the City of Ravenna in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. “Friends of Ravenna” is the name of our organisation that is involved with the twinning process in Chichester. The sister organisation in Ravenna is called “Amici di Chichester”.

Chichester City Council was responsible for the establishment of this twinning link between Chichester and Ravenna in December 1996. The aim of the twinning is to promote friendly relations between the two Cities and to demonstrate respect for each other’s history, traditions and customs. These twinning activities are actively promoted by the City Council in conjunction with the “Friends of Ravenna” association.

The Association provides access to a wide range of subjects to its members at their regular meetings, plus external cultural visits. All the activities and events have an Italian theme. Informal Italian conversation groups for members are arranged locally. There are from time to time exchange visits between members from Chichester and their counterparts in Ravenna.

Members receive an internally produced Newsletter regularly throughout the year. The name of the Association’s Newsletter is Gemelli, which means “Twins” in Italian.